Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

no more speculation of summer

it still lasts over a few months until you can wear warm parkas, lovely scarfs, boots or beanies. but there is something that I've detected today and would like to wear from now on.
look at this beautiful parka ( seen here), isnt't it gorgeos?

even though I never really thought of fall as my favourite season, this is an incitement to look forward to it.

as I saw it I could easily imagine numbers of measures how to wear this piece of clothing.
let's say it's multifunctional and exactly the right choice for the weather that approaches us soon.

in conclusion: enjoy the remaining summertime!

Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

'you can stand under my umbrella'

here's our top 6 for looking best when a thunderstorm arrives (and 2 basics for the whole year) :

1. new nail lacqer by chanel (paradoxal)

we love this colour because it's a perfect choice for fall and it has got kind of metallic lustre. that's what makes it special and varied. it's a must-have for this season!

2. knitted lace jumper by topshop

this jumper looks cosy and it's suitable for not too cold autumn days because of the lace which gives this romantical touch. we also like the colour, it's a little bit vintage. combine it with a basic treggins and a basic top underneath it otherwise it'd be too much!

3. prancing peacock earrings by accessorize

these earrings look beautiful and the peacock distributes a certain indefinable something. the different colours enable you to wear them with all your favourite clothes, no matter how they're coloured. the peacocks will complete your look as an eyecatcher!

4. ankle boot by i'm walking

rainy,windy,cloudy,sunny - be prepared and buy this boot. it's protects you from every sudden change in weather and the velour leather helps,too. apart from this does it look great to every trousers,jeans or skirt!

5. umbrella by il marchesato

this is the most stylish alternative for having a great and dry autumn day. this umbrella is beautiful and spices a dull outfit in no time at all up. with this keypiece everyone looks gracious!


1. rouge coco by chanel (mademoiselle 05)

we love this colour. it's perfect for every day,every season and every occasion. with this colour on your lips you'll shine resplendent. just try it, you won't have any regrets!

2. surf spray by bumble and bumble

just spray it on your hair and you will have lots of volume until the day's over. the hair feels like cashmere and the hairstyle can't be destroyed because of the strong and long hold.