Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

don' be frightened, make others be frightened!

it's october 31 - that means HALLOWEEN !
that's a reason for celebrating and if you'd like to have your own party, here are some easy recieps for great food and drinks:

bloody punch with floating hand

rats baked in blood

healthy halloween treats

vanilla vampire cupcakes

bloody rum punch

ghostly coolada

for decorating it's very nice to make some pumpkin in various ways and maybe some spiders with spider networks. but of course fakes because there won't come many people if they'd ne real!


Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

cosy thoughts

it's hart to keep warm in winter, you always should be prepared and take a thick jacket before leaving.

but sometimes even in fall i'm not quite sure about the question:"is my jumper enough or is a parka in addition the better choice?"
so i have tried this long pullover with some leggins and my hard bikerboots as some kind of change in style. you want to see the results?

topshop jumper, new yorker top, aldo boots,primark bag, sessun belt

to tell you the truth maybe a jacket would've been the better choice in this case, but after spending long time in the frostiness it's even lovelier to come into a hot room, sit down and drink a hot chocolate!

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

awesome in autumn!

1. basic grey sweater by forever21

LOVE THIS! it's THE must have and you can combine with everything you have because it's a basic. but in no way boring! and i just love,love,love it!
by t
he way: it looks awesome with red lips like the ones on this picture.

2. pocket shirt by topshop

this blouse has got a wonderful colour that fits with lots of other colours. but you can also wear it in many differet ways, for example with waist-high skirts or shorts (like this).
if you like it more casual it also works as kind of jacket. it's LOVELY!

3. Jeans by forever21

as you've probably heard or seen items in this kind of army style are one big trend this autumn. but many people just have a parka but nothing else. so here's a great alternative: jeans in this olive-green!

4. cardigan by h&m

in my opinion this cardigan brings happiness in dark and foggy days. but also in every boring or dark outfit! so with this really cute knit you do nothing wrong and when you wear it the coldness has no chance!