Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

items that brighten dark summer days

it's the end of summer and the weather really leaves a lot to be desired.
i deem the days aren't "summer-like" and the sun doesn't emerge often.

on that account I've been looking for nice, little objects which make this darkness brighter an inartificial i found some:

in the first place the nail laquer "pink flamingo" by barry m.
the airy pink makes it wearable and suitable with covered tints.
and for some reason the "neon-touch" makes my day lighter.
the texture's a bit liquid and makes the application easy.

sorry the picture's a little bit blurry

and then there's the "cherry lip balm" by carmex.

the texture is kind of waxy and softens brittle lips immediately.

in addition the balm smells of cherry and after you've applied it you get the feeling as though it refreshes your lips.

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  1. Lovely nailpolish, i love pink!