Freitag, 3. September 2010

easy dollars

taking a shower or a bath. and afterwards reading a book in front of the chimney!
listen to a kind of music you don't know so far! example
humorous videos, when you're bored! like simon desue♥
plan a one day trip to a city you always wanted to see.
spontanious vistits at friends!
relax on a boring sunday and hear qiet music!
online shopping. it's best when you're too lazy to go out.
make a gaming-day!
invite some friends, then go out and party!
be creative and tinker some things to make your flat alive.
arrange one room new and sort old things out. it's best and funniest to do it with friends!
hide under a blanket. -that's just for silly people.
&play your personal hero in wearing his clothes!
believe in god!
don't believe in god!
save your room from spiders!
do some researches on the internet. (like blogs,latest gossip or something you're interested in!)
play tricks on others !
do experiments of every kind.
do not trust anybody:)but me!♥
forget about all those phrases!

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